Welcome to Papillon Restaurant

Henri Charrière, one of the world’s most famous prisoners, would surely have had the time of his life at Papillon Restaurant in The Village, across from the Radisson Resort. Nicknamed Papillon because of the butterfly tattoo on his chest, the Frenchman was the first convict to escape from Devil’s Island, something that nobody had ever done before. Charrière’s thrilling, gripping autobiography has been the concept behind Papillon Restaurant. The décor, the decorations and especially the restrooms wink at the thirteen terrible years Papillon spent in prison in French Guyana.

Papillon Restaurant’s menu reflects the Frenchman’s arduous journey to freedom: classic French dishes have been dusted with daring Caribbean flair and are a culinary journey for your taste buds. The spacious outside terrace is perfect for casual fine dining; the iron bars, flecks of rust and stains on the walls make one very glad not to be in Papillon’s shoes in the 1940’s! Charrière would undoubtedly have loved `his’ place on Aruba: this is luxury living for anyone!